How to create more attractive content on video marketing

Step Number Seven: Create Contemporary ContentStep Number Seven: Create Contemporary ContentIn this chapter, you will learn:• The broad spectrum of video possibilities, so you can choose the best for your message and your capabilities to create them• Match your choice to your message for maximum impact.

What is happening NOW impacts the receptiveness of your video. Taking care to consider what kind of message you want to convey, what platform best matches it, and how best to go about its creation, you can hit the mark in a major way, and give yourself the greatest opportunity for success.

Determine the basis of your video

Since the video – creation field is so open, one would think that you could literally create anything as a video, and have a chance of becoming ‘viral’ with it. While there are precedents of this nature, where the person who put up the video did not think, nor even consider their video would become so appealing to so many, the vast array of successful
videos fall into one of the following categories. As we look at each one, we’ll recommend some categories for each that would be a good match, and some that probably would be better suited doing something else.

Prank or Practical Joke

o Basic premise: Some setup is made and described to the viewer, with the idea that what you are recording are the witless public response to the action.

o Visual Satisfaction: Viewers enjoy wacky, real responses from the people captured on \ideo, and the aftermath of discovery of the prank or practical joke

o Recommendations :


VideoBasic Premise. Take a popular song or lyrical poem, and using voice-over, let others lip-sync.

Visual satisfaction: Juxtaposition and irony go well to drive this popular type of video, regardless of the musical theme, and gets people thinking in new ways about what music and the lyrics mean.

RecommendationsParticularly effective with young folks, and fans of whichever musical form you are using. Not effective:  or missing the mark if dealing with material to which the lyrics or music are not related, but can be a great icebreaker video otherwise.

Adorable Family or Pet video

Basic Premise:Human nature sets us up for a visceral response to cute animals and endearing family situations.

Visual Satisfaction:One question: Who doesn’t like cute animals, in our deepest heart of hearts?

Recommendations: If the cutesy factor isn’t too ridiculous, this will work for just about every category. The cleverer, the sweetest of these can go through the roof. Probably not a good match for a weapons manufacturer or mercenary force, but otherwise, this is good to go for most others.

Meme-Worthy Video

Basic Premise: A word, phrase, or situation that is eminently memorable, and that can be bent to your particular message or theme.

Visual Satisfaction: Links your message and concept to something that is already memorable, thereby driving your message deeper than it otherwise may penetrate.

Recommendations: So long as the parody or meme themes are in line with what you want to convey, this can be very powerful. On the other hand, if there is little to associate them to one another, your meme concept may actually backfire, leaving a negative image. Use with caution.

Step Eight: Create Promote. Release, Repeat.Step Eight: Create Promote. Release, Repeat.

In this chapter, you will learn:• The deepest secret of video creation and production• The Video release is a calculated and planned marketing program, as is any other type of promotion. It has a high and nearly unattainable topside, and a minimal expense and almost no downside.

Time Your ReleaseTime Your ReleaseThe one resource you can manipulate is the release date. Create the concept far enough in advance to be able to take into account all the variables.Current AffairsKeep your eye on what is happening around you, what news stories are around, what ways your video can reflect the topics and themes that would make it appealing to others.

Inclusion andInvolvementReach out to community and business leaders involved, to get intrinsic support readyto roll when you are set for launch.Seed the ReleaseEven before the actual release, keep the potential audience aware with teasers, outtakes, and other fun stuff, to drive interest in the video once available.Coordinate forInstantaneous ReviewOne of the greatest tools in promotion is controversy. Have a couple of reviewers get a look in advance, and find one or more topics for them to talk about in a debate that does not detract from the message, but which engenders interaction.

Accelerate first 24 hoursAccelerate first 24 hoursIf possible, dump new viewer markets over time, feeding off the excitement of one audience for the next, and the next. If your growth can reach critical mass within 24 hours, your ongoing success becomes far more likely.

Give incentives for comments and likesWe all want to support our friends, so do what you can to give people reasons to share or comment or like your video.Bring a Friend, share a friendNot only is it important to get folks to see and appreciate your video; it is critical that they connect and pursue your Call to Action. Get feedback from those that have been most positively impacted by your message, and get that feedback into the loop ASAP. People do what they see others do successfully.

Be prepared to Fuel the FireEven after your video has been released, there is much you can do to drive new viewers.Bloggerso Contact consumer-drivensites While it takes the longest to drive one way or another, starting early and repeating often your message to the public is critical. More eyeballs means more traffic, more CTA response, more of everything you need for the campaign to be successful o Contact industry allies Reaching out to sympathetic and similar sources is at once an acknowledgment of the industry as a whole, but a bit of good natured quid pro quo will help drive additional interest.

o General Interest and Mass Media
While generally you want to stay focused on your target demographic, it is also good to create a general awareness of your campaign, your message, your product or service.
Video Review

o Specialty Review
Your marketplace has its own experts. Work with those individuals and teams with a good reputation, to get a positive or at least affirming message from them that you can use to further promote and expand attention to your campaign.

o Categorical Review.

From a production standpoint, getting identity supported by others in the same kind of project can further build rapport with others, and perhaps build an ancillary viewership through the association therewith, o General Review Much as dealing with consumers directly, choosing to work with promotional Websites and those that are actively seeking new and innovative video gives you a lift, just for attempting the process.

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